Writing Samples



Rebels’ Plight, a 10-page sample of an original scene.


Just like that, Vid’s all alone with Marc.

The scene’s focus is on introducing different characters and setting up a strong hook for the rest of the story.

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Interactive Scenes


Zinn Jinskova, an original short interactive narrative


The player is Zinn Jinskova, a young professional on a mission to retrieve vital information from a project that has been out-sourced by her company, Venko Pharma.

She hasn’t been told much about it except that their competitors cannot get their hands on it.

The scene’s focus is on branching narrative and dialogue options and multiple outcomes depending on player actions. It also features variables and booleans.

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Flavor Text & Descriptions

Virdac, a sample of world building descriptions


Greetings traveler,

Most wonderful fortune has set your way! You may not have heard of me but I, Baron Dutulir of Pearlgrove, am in need of assistance only you can provide. . .

The setting is a world where steampunk meets mythology, creating a clash between ancient gods and recent innovations.

Features an original world, location descriptions, in-world letters and communications.

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Short Stories & Scenes

Steam Seen Through Fog, a character study


Any moment she can spare, Ava ducks out of the offices and into the halls, spending her time breathing in the constructed serenity the museum offers. No eyes on her except the security cameras. She pretends to write things down, never staying in place for long, filling page after page in her handheld notebook with illegible scribbles. . .

This scene’s purpose is to explore a character through setting.

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Kate, a young adult short story


They’ve been stowed in an empty hallway lined with folding chairs on either side. It’s quiet, even for a Saturday. The cracks in the plaster walls betray the wing’s age, the large filing cabinets covered in old stickers and perma-marker scribbles. Every now and again there’s the lull of voices rising from the classroom at the end of the hall . . .

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