Flavor Text & Descriptions: Virdac Project


Rising tall over a vast wasteland, Virdac is the crown jewel of Turath’s eastern realm. The city is divided into districts, each of them known for their particular specialties. While to a passing traveler Virdac may seem a fount of wealth and prosperity, stagnant politics ensure a stark divide between the rich and poor. Many of the outer districts are in ruins as a result, their inhabitants left with few means to escape them.

Built in a time of strong religious beliefs there are a great number of temples in the centuries old city, many of which are still in use for daily prayer and offerings. History speaks of a time when the gods would show themselves to the people of Virdac, performing miracles and awe inspiring feats, but there are few left alive who claim to have witnessed them.

To Whomsoever It May Concern

Greetings traveler,

Most wonderful fortune has set your way! You may not have heard of me but I, Baron Dutulir of Pearlgrove, am in need of assistance only you can provide. As you may know the current bans on travel between the first and all other districts prohibit me from meeting with you in person – however I require an outsider to help move a large sum of my considerable riches as I prepare to move far, far beyond the walls of Virdac.

First you must purchase a locker at your local depository under my name. Secondly I require you to place a small amount of dalian inside said locker – no more than 500,- is all I ask of you. It may seem like much to you now but rest assured I will reward you tenfold, nay, a thousandfold should you so wish…


hello friend I am telling you about to warn you about baron dutilir. he is not who he claims he is and will betray. he is not baron, I know this because I am baron called ulam. I really do not have fake money like baron dutuler and will pay you good friend if you do what I say. go to depository and buy locker. place in it this amount: 600,- dalian. important locker must stand on my name BARON ULAM ULIMNIR I will pay you well.

A letter of sympathy

My most precious sister,

It is with heavy heart I received your news. How my spirit bleeds for you in these dark and dire days… May Rodus carry your son’s soul to His realm, judging his youthful life with His boundless compassion. As wolves look after their cubs, so does Rodus protect those belonging to Him – and fear not, for your son was as pure as he was frail in his young age.

Do not fret, I beseech you, that you have failed as a mother. I know none more hard-working and caring than you. ‘Tis the fever that wreaks havoc to the lower districts. Our physician knows it well, she has examined many a case in the ones bordering the Morrowglades.

I leave you with the only advice I can offer: eat well but refuse all grains. Instead, take them to the temple of Loh and Taah as an offering at noon and pray for their protection. After you conceive again, Inati willing, the child will be looked after not only by the Mother of All Life but shielded from harm by the Father of Our Future as well.

With all my love,


No More Offerings!

STOP releasing live birds in our temple! While He is the patron of doves, Soet, God of Love and Beauty, has never in ANY scripture asked for offerings of a feathered nature! Those found responsible for the spreading of these ERRONEOUS RUMORS will be brought before a panel of judges from Pearlgrove and prosecuted!

No More Offerings! Addendum

Please, whoever you are, stop these antics. I am but a lowly priest abiding the laws of our rulers and the gods. Your doves have desecrated all the statues from above and I am working day and night to undo their DREADFUL DEEDS.

If you come forth at once and reveal yourself to me in private, I will absolve you from any sin so long as the birds LEAVE. No one has to know, just STOP THIS!

Retraction Of My Previous Statement!

In light of yesterday’s event I hereby RETRACT my generous offer to absolve the scoundrel responsible for the mass desecration of our temple! Having found and removed the bird feed from the altar of the inner sanctuary, I am CERTAIN these acts were of malicious intent!

May your soul be judged heavily for your sins, VILLAIN, and your body be punished once you are caught!

The Ten Districts

The city has been divided into ten individual districts, each with their own specialties and rules. Walls surround every district, with guarded gates and checkpoints into neighboring areas – the exception to the rule being sister-districts three and four, the Morrowglades, which are open to each other.

All sectors are ruled by Pearlgrove, Virdac’s first and leading district. Travel between districts has been thoroughly restricted under the rule of the current government following the failings of its predecessor, the Nysris administration.

Outer districts are mostly used for agricultural endeavors.

District 1 – Pearlgrove

Home to many politicians and nobles, Virdac’s first district is a peculiar mix of the old and the new. Robust marble architecture occupies the ground level, classical magnificence holding its own amidst the reflective skyscrapers of glass and metal towering above. Monorail tracks wind between them, supporting critical daily transport while stitching the area together.

Located at the center of the city, Pearlgrove is Virdac’s metaphorical heart and a vital organ to its society. Policies both local and federal are drafted and approved in the Tower of Casir, the most central building of the district. Entirely self-sustaining, Pearlgrove does not partake in Virdac’s economy of trade, eliminating the need for most traffic to other districts.

For all its innovation and importance, only a select few of the general public ever gain access to Pearlgrove. As a result this district is often compared to Latula’s moon; to be observed from afar and admired for its brilliance.

District 2 – Gleamdale

Built during the second Era of Understanding, Gleamdale is known for its many libraries and schools of knowledge. It was also notably the first district to offer compensation to those wrongfully enslaved for civil disobedience under the Nysris administration.

Resting against the southern wall of Pearlgrove, Gleamdale is one of Virdac’s few districts to boast a road leading into the city’s heart, a great source of pride to those who live there. Its prime location provides Gleamdale with a steady year-round stream of travelers eager to experience Virdac’s greatness first hand.